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Beach SilhouetteBeach Silhouette
Beach Silhouette $74.19$213.36

Beach day!

Blue MountainsBlue Mountains
Blue Mountains $74.19$213.36

I remember waiting for the sun to rise to get this photo. Less than an hour after sunrise fog covered this whole valley.

Boat Sweet HomeBoat Sweet Home
Boat Sweet Home $74.19$213.36

I lived on this boat for quite some time. She looks great out there.

Calm RiverCalm River
Calm River $74.19$213.36

It looks calm but I’m pretty sure a croc could jump out at any time.

Fishing SilhouetteFishing Silhouette
Fishing Silhouette $74.19$213.36

Fish or no fish, this guy is having a great time.

Fremantle FishingFremantle Fishing
Fremantle Fishing $74.19$213.36

What could be better than catching some fish with a friend? This photo always reminds me of the simple moments in life.

Fremantle OverpassFremantle Overpass
Fremantle Overpass $74.19$213.36

The moment I saw this overpass I knew it would make a great image. My only hope is that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed capturing it.

Harbour SunsetHarbour Sunset
Harbour Sunset $74.19$213.36

We stopped at this harbour randomly one day. We could only stay a short while so I’m glad I had my camera handy.

Lush PlantLush Plant
Lush Plant $74.19$213.36

Just a tree growing in the wind

Penguin HarbourPenguin Harbour
Penguin harbour $74.19$213.36

I saw this little guy while I was walking around Melbourne one morning.

Pink Flower ReflectionPink Flower Reflection
Pink Flower Reflection $74.19$213.36

The natural pink colour of this flower really pops against the blue of the water.

Pinnacle DesertPinnacle Desert
Pinnacle Desert $74.19$213.36

The pinnacle desert was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. It’s like the moon but here on earth.

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