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A Land Before TimeA Land Before Time
A Land Before Time $74.19$213.36

This view of Meteora Greece looks prehistoric.

Aran IslandsAran Islands
Aran Islands $74.19$213.36

I spent a pretty awesome day on the Aran Islands. A must see.

Azure WindowAzure Window
Azure Window $74.19$213.36

I photographed the Azure Window window just a few weeks before it fell over. I feel lucky to have seen it but sad that it’s gone

Budapest BridgeBudapest Bridge
Budapest Bridge $74.19$213.36

While I was working this location a large boat pulled up and ruined my view. I was lucky enough to get this shot, but I’m still pretty mad.

Budapest Liberty BridgeBudapest Liberty Bridge
Budapest Liberty Bridge $74.19$213.36

Climbing a mountain alone at night isn’t for everyone but when you do it pays off photographically.

Chilly Swiss MorningChilly Swiss Morning
Chilly Swiss Morning $74.19$213.36

Getting this photo was hard work. I took a train into a strange town before the sunrise, but that’s the name of the game I guess.

Danube at NightDanube at Night
Danube at Night $74.19$213.36

Budapest at night is purely enchanted a must see.

Fall in BudapestFall in Budapest
Fall in Budapest $74.19$213.36

You can get an amazing photo from any angle in Budapest. I’d love to take credit for this beauty but I can’t deny the city’s awesomeness. It really does all the work for you.

House on the HillHouse on the Hill
House on the Hill $74.19$213.36

I wish this was my house.

Irish CastleIrish Castle
Irish Castle $74.19$213.36

Why don’t they still build Castles?

Malta $74.19$213.36

What an amazing City.

Malta MorningMalta Morning
Malta Morning $74.19$213.36

I woke up early and ran to this spot before the sun. It was cold, windy and worth it.

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