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A Land Before TimeA Land Before Time
A Land Before Time $74.19$213.36

This view of Meteora Greece looks prehistoric.

Airport Mornings $74.19$213.36

I spent the night at the MTO in Fort Severn and got this sweet photo in the morning when woke up.

Airport SecurityAirport Security
Airport Security $74.19$213.36

Strange seeing an airport fence in such bad shape, made for a great photo though.

Alaskan GlacierAlaskan Glacier
Alaskan Glacier $74.19$213.36

A bit of a brag here but we took a helicopter to this sweet location.

Alaskan Glacier 2Alaskan Glacier 2
Alaskan Glacier 2 $74.19$213.36

A bit of a brag here but we took a helicopter to this sweet location.

Aran IslandsAran Islands
Aran Islands $74.19$213.36

I spent a pretty awesome day on the Aran Islands. A must see.

Arctic FoxArctic Fox
Arctic Fox $74.19$213.36

I’ve never been crazy about wildlife photography, but who could resist such a sweet shot.

Azure WindowAzure Window
Azure Window $74.19$213.36

I photographed the Azure Window window just a few weeks before it fell over. I feel lucky to have seen it but sad that it’s gone

B&W AllyB&W Ally
B&W Ally $74.19$213.36

The hustle and bustle of Chicago first hand.

Bathurst BridgeBathurst Bridge
Bathurst Bridge $74.19$213.36

My old stomping grounds.

Beach BikeBeach Bike
Beach Bike $74.19$213.36

This pic is part of a motor cycle series I’m working on.

Beach SilhouetteBeach Silhouette
Beach Silhouette $74.19$213.36

Beach day!

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